Anmerkung zu 49. Kap./7* (Karezza für die Sexualreform) — Alice B Stockham: KAREZZA. Ethics of Marriage. Edited by Heinz Schott (2017)

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The reprint of the second edition (Chicago 1903) with an Epilogue of the editor will be published soon. Here is the cover.


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Text of the back cover:

Alice B. Stockham (1833-1912) was a gynecologist from Chicago, an enthusiastic fighter for a marital and sexual reform. She was also engaged in charity and interested in spiritual topics. She took “Karezza” from the Italian term “carezza” meaning petting or gentle stroking. Because of birth control as well as “spiritual exaltation” she pled for a radical change of sexual behavior. She was convinced, that there was a tremendous difference between the usual copulation ending with orgasm respectively ejaculation and the Karezza method of sexual merging without climax. In spite of the “sexual revolutions” during the 20th century her Karezza concept has been generally ignored until today.

Heinz Schott is an emeritus professor of the history of medicine at the University of Bonn (Germany)

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