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Allegorie der Fortuna

Nicoletto da Modena.1480–1538.“Allegorie der Fortuna”, 1506.Kupferstich, 26,3 × 18,4 cm.
Die Komposition erinnert locker an George Wither’s Emblem: “Fortuna ut Luna” (1634/35)
Zur Biografie:
(b Modena; fl c. 1500-c.1520). Italian painter and engraver. It is not certain whether he is identifiable with the Nicoletto mentioned in some Ferrarese court documents (1481-91; see Cittadella). Lodovico Vedriani described Nicoletto in 1662 as a ‘painter most illustrious in perspective and an excellent engraver of copper’. No examples remain of his painting, but there are at least 78 engravings signed ‘OPVS NICOLETI MODENENSIS ROSEX, OP NICOLETI DE MUTINA, OP. NI. MODENENSIS’. Two works are dated: the Judgement of Paris or Four Nude Women (1500; B. 110), a copy of Dürer’s engraving of 1497, and the St Anthony Abbot (1512; B. 48). The engravings that have been dated before 1500 are those connected with Andrea Mantegna and his circle, for example Hercules and Antaeus (B. 1) and Vulcan Forging the Wings of Eros (B. 2). These are characterized by dense diagonal hatching and iconographic models derived from Mantegna.